Understanding VoIP Call Termination


We are living in a global village and our all businesses activities are the part of it. As we know technology is changing day by day and that’s why we also have to change ourselves according to this trend. Now VoIP is a technology which is spreading rapidly all round the globe and targeting every age group like it may be any individual from small businesses or it may be from any corporate houses. It essentially provides a way of life or we can also call as route in other words, to transmit voice over net. VoIP is actually a telephone link via the net. It transmits the information in the course of digital but using the internet protocol which is also called as IP. This is a free calling service which we can utilize no matter how long distances are and it works from the any corner of the world.

Many of the providers exist who is offering the VoIP call termination services.

Tier-1 Operator who is registered and it have the international network in the whole country physically. They have the authority to discontinue and develop a call while using the internet telephony services. If we want to provide voice over IP call termination services there is another operator named as a Tier-2 Operator. It can commence call termination via the internet by sublease a segment of the network of the Tier-1 Operator. Correspondingly, there are Tier-3 Operators, now Tier-3 can sublet a part of the network from the both the Tier-1 and the Tier-2 service providers. It saves much of the cost of registration and infrastructure Tier-1 and Tier-2. Technical equipments and infrastructure that need the valuable investments to be experienced was under of the Tier-1 operator. On the other hand, there were wholesale call termination providers and there were those who want to resell the voice over IP telephony and they also provide the same facilities.


When the trend of VoIP telephony services got viral at everywhere, so that originated the competitors and make it volatile market. The rates were different, but the quality also matter, they were providing the best services, but if the good services are not in good quality so no one like them because the quality is as same important as the rates of the services they are providing.

The best thing in VoIP is that it provides you the call that is full of flow there is no any kind of distortion or disconnecting which we mostly face at different other media the basic purpose of these facilities is that a person can easily do a check and balance towards its business with a distortion free call. There are few of the best internet telephony service companies who provide the services of 24/7 support to provide information and also the chat. VoIP provides you the best clarity of voice and it is judged by the few parameters which are as ACD, ASR and PDD.

So we can say that this new technique is no doubt one of the creative things making our life easier by providing us the best, productive and time saving facilities.